Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is definitely more function over form. Clean, sharp, eye catching websites that are easy to navigate, easy to grow and easy to update. While flashy websites can be pleasing and exciting to look at sometimes they let style get in the way of usability and the ability for search engines to find you.

Graphic Design

Most of our website layouts start out in Photoshop®. Thats where we can mock up the layout, images, fonts and color schemes before creating the site. As long term users of Photoshop we are not ashamed to say we know it inside out and backwards. We are also well versed in Illustrator® for vector art and other graphic design tools.

Mobile Friendly

New websites are designed with “responsive” layouts that display equally well on large screens or smaller mobile devices such as tablets and smart phone. There is no flipping to a “mobile” version, this can be handled automatically.


In addition to designing your website, we can also enhance your company image, including your all important logo, and help you come up with a branding strategy that complements your business and is consistent throughout. We have done this for some of our clients that are just starting out or need an image overhaul.


As an added bonus, Red Fish co-owner Steve Smith is an accomplished photographer and can also be hired to photography your business premises and/or products. You can view some of his work throughout some of the projects listed on this site.