Custom Solutions


Before there were style sheets and CMS tools like WordPress® and Drupal® we were hand coding sites using HTML, PHP and JavaScript. Sometimes it just makes more sense to hand write some code, either as part of a whole site or just adding in certain features as required.  Custom coding does not always have to mean more expensive, nor does it mean the site is not as flexible, as we can create administration pages to allow you to customize or add content, just like with a CMS.

Here is just a short list of some useful custom applications we have created for our clients to date;

  • Image upload and download including drag and drop
  • Server side image manipulations – resizing, watermarking, special effects
  • Create PDF documents on the fly
  • Document repositories linked to specific clients or contracts
  • Online scrapbooking
  • Job scheduling and booking tools with real time calendar
  • Online estimating tools
  • Events calendar and events booking
  • Member registration
  • Online archiving of images and documents
  • Calendar / holiday based promotional tools
  • Document and database backup tools
  • Custom search tools with tracking
  • Online inventory tracking and transactions
  • Data import and export
  • Data cleansing and migration