The Red Fish Commitment

We recognize that there are plenty of choices available to businesses today when it comes to web design and development. We won’t try to be the least expensive, but we will also be far from the most expensive. We won’t try to dazzle you with a lot of flash and promises we will never be able to keep. Heres a summary of the 12 things we have always done and will continue to do for our clients;

We promise to:

  1. Listen carefully to your business needs, your design ideas and your plans for the future
  2. Stand by our work and resolve any issues quickly
  3. Never, ever try to “upsell” you unless we can honestly see a way this could help your business
  4. Offer you a realistic, no-nonsense view as to what you can expect and how long things will take
  5. Offer you a cost estimate that is realistic and then stick to it
  6. Offer you a choice of a hosted or non-hosted solution
  7. Never “box you in” to a solution that cannot be expanded or revamped later
  8. Always make you the owner of your domain name if we create it for you
  9. Respond to your emails and phone calls first and fast
  10. Do minor updates and bug fixes to your site at no additional cost
  11. Do our utmost to ensure the security of your site and its data
  12. Do what we can to help your business succeed

We truly believe that we succeed when our clients succeed!