Content Management


It helps to think of a website in two parts; layout and content. The layout comprises the structure, style and navigational aspects of the site. Thats where design comes in. The content is what goes into the layout. Content should be relevant, current and concise. There are a number of ways to get content.

Content Management Systems

Packaged Content Management Systems make the job of creating and managing your content much easier. They allow any user with the right authorization to add and modify content on your site. We can create and/or maintain your Drupal® or Magento® based site (our preferred solutions),  work with existing CMS based sites build a custom CMS for you. Both of these solutions are “open source” which means there are no additional license fees (for most sites) and you are leveraging the collective expertise of a huge open source community, instead of building everything from scratch.

There are however, a couple of drawbacks. Firstly, they add a substantial amount of overhead to your site in terms of storage and performance. Secondly, while they do a lot, sometimes there is something very unique that there is no solution for yet. This is where a customized solution may need to be looked at.


Another great way to add content quicky is through integrating feeds into your site. Feeds bring in syndicated information from available sources. There are feeds available for almost any subject matter you can think of. Feeds can even be used to pull in local content (think a .csv file) quickly and easily.