Complimentary Site Review

Is your site living up to your expectations in terms of speed, traffic, search engine presence or overall design? Our experience has shown that unfortunately many businesses have been sold a solution which fails to deliver promised results, especially when it comes to SEO.

Why not have us take a look and highlight possible areas for improvement. We don’t charge for this service and there is no obligation to use us to make the changes.

During this review we will take an honest look at the following (and possibly more);

  • overall page load speed
  • page layout and appearance
  • presence of SEO related content
  • search engine ranking
  • quality of images and other media
  • presence of any “black hat” techniques
  • broken links or plugins
  • obvious security issues
  • multi-browser compatibility
  • mobile compatibility

You will be provided with an email summary and can decide what to do from there.

Please contact us today to book your complimentary site review.